Without you, there would be no Alzheimer’s Research UK. Together, we really can make breakthroughs possible.

Your fundraising can change the future. Dementia shatters lives and leaves millions heartbroken. But every pound you raise brings us closer to a cure for the diseases that cause the condition.

Resources and information

Resources and information to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Get in touch with your local fundraiser

In need of fundraising tips, ideas & inspiration? Meet our regional team!

Fundraising FAQs

Do you have some burning questions about fundraising? Find all the answers below!


We have a fantastic community of fundraisers based all over the UK, organising and taking part in a variety of events and challenges.

Door to Door and Private Site Fundraising

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we use door-to-door and private site fundraising (where fundraisers work in locations like shopping centres and train stations).

Do your own fundraising

Do you passionately believe in the power of research to change lives for good? Us too.

Alzheimer’s Research UK Raffle

Each year our raffles help to fund groundbreaking research to bring us closer to breakthroughs in dementia research.

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