Spring issue 2020

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we’re all set for 2020.

A new year brings new opportunities, and in this issue of think, you’ll read about some of the things that could make 2020 so exciting. From our new report into public attitudes into diagnosing dementia earlier than ever before – to a drug called aducanumab, which may prove to be the first new therapy for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly two decades.

Each and every year, it’s your support that helps our scientists at Alzheimer’s Research UK to do so much. Because of you, our understanding of the diseases that cause dementia is advancing at pace, and we move ever closer to understanding what can be done to prevent dementia, and to develop lifechanging therapies for people with, or at risk of, the condition.

None of this is possible without your support – so, thank you, for everything you do for us.

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